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Matthew Stokes
Director of Captive8Media

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About seven or eight years ago we had some video projects that we needed some help with, and met Stefan, and very quickly it became clear that he was going to be a really great resource for us. His work was really high quality, but also his way that he looked upon the work and added his little creative touches was a great benefit to us, and so we continued working with him and here we are seven/eight years later, still working with him and still delivering really great work.

It’s really important for me when I work for someone that I can really rely on them and that I don’t have to handhold every stage of a project, so one of the great things with Stefan is that he’s able to take a project remit and a brief, but then also add his own touches, suggestions, other options, and invariably we’ll go with these options because there’s something that we hadn’t necessarily thought about, and that’s really added to the projects that Stefan has delivered.

As a business owner I can be juggling lots of balls at any one time and one of the things that’s important to me is that I work with someone that’s got integrity, that I know is going to be working as hard as I would be working on a project, and that I can really rely on for them to be in the background doing their work, and Stefan has constantly over the years really got to know my business, got to know the projects that we work on, and has, therefore, put his real heart and soul into the projects, I can honestly say that he cares as much about the projects as I do and that really shows in the work, and that’s one of the main reasons we’re still working with him all these years later.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Stefan to anybody looking to get some great video content. He really understands the technicalities of what makes a good video, but then also what a business needs from a video, so it’s not just about making it look and sound great, but also achieving the objectives and Stefan is certainly someone that I would rely on to deliver a very high quality video project.

Reliability, integrity, hard work, and high quality are really key things that I look for, and these are all skills that Stefan is able to bring and I would very much highly recommend him to any companies that were looking to have video content created.

Richard Gill

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I first met Stefan at a business networking event and learned about his skills in video production and editing. Shortly after that, I got commissioned by an international lighting company to produce a video for them to use on an exhibition stand at a very big lighting exhibition. They wanted to do a showpiece about some of the products they had installed in the BBC’s offices. I knew this would mean filming at several locations and also interviewing some of their staff and the key project members. For me that meant using different cameras, it meant being faced with different lighting conditions and different audio conditions, but it was important that the finished video should look very polished, that it shouldn’t be obvious that different equipment had been used in the filming.

It really made sense for me to collaborate with Stefan. His vast knowledge of video production and editing and producing a very polished and slick looking video at the end was going to be vital for this project. So, we worked together, he was very easy to communicate with, I shared the storyboard with him, he helped film some of the interviews and he did all the video editing and production. I have to say he did a really fantastic job. In the end, the finished video looked fantastic, my client was extremely pleased with the end result and we even produced one or two short clips as well that they could use in their social media.

I will definitely be looking to collaborate with Stefan again if I get a suitable opportunity. He was easy to communicate when I worked with him on this project – we just simply shared the files and he would chop it all together and then we’d review the draft together and make the necessary changes, and that was a very simple and effective way of working.

I definitely recommend him for any video work that you might have coming along, He’s a likeable guy, easy to communicate with, very knowledgeable and very skilful at what he does.

Scott Baldwin
Owner of Lid Assist

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I have worked with Stefan a few times – the first time was on a product video we needed, and the process went smoothly, it was enjoyable, and the results were amazing. Stefan even edited several versions for us to use on various social media platforms.

I go to SBSCreative whenever I can and he is done work on our website, social media, IT support. I go because of the professionalism, the quality, the responsiveness, the value. Stefan continues to produce outstanding work, he is friendly, he provides a quality service.

I am happy to recommend SBSCreative and I look forward to working with Stefan again.

Terry Harvey
Artistic Woodturning

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After many years of turning doing craft shows, I basically liked being in the workshop most of the time, so I decided because of all you young people out there who use the Internet, and me being 68, I would use the Internet.

So, I decided to contact a promotional firm that does all the photography and videos, and I invited the gentleman here and he is from SBS creative, so today has been a good session and I’ve never been on a film so much of my life but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Over and out.

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