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Case Study Videos

Case Study Videos

Case Study Videos Are Convincing

Trust. Authenticity. These are the reasons why case studies are so effective in the first place.

Rather than you telling your potential customers how great you are, case studies allow your existing happy customers to do the talking. A good case study tells the story of your customer from their point of view — and how your business helped to solve their problems.

Another reason why case studies work so well is the social proof. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that means people are more likely to take a certain action if they see others have also taken that action.

Case Study Videos Are More Emotional

Even the most logical of arguments need to be backed up with an emotional or story-based hook to keep us fully engaged. Cases study video makes these emotional elements way more captivating than just text.

Add a face to a story and it immediately becomes more real.

Get that person to tell their story on camera and you start to communicate emotion in a way that just isn't possible through text. And that means your audience are more likely to take action.

Case Study Videos Are More Engaging

Once a viewer does click play, they're forced to continue paying attention in a way that they aren't when reading text. Their visual and aural senses are engaged, and if the case study content is appealing enough they'll feel compelled to continue watching.

Getting your audience engaged enough to spend time on your site and with yor brand is half the battle. The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video.

From there, you're in a strong position to use case study videos to help convert your audience.

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