Video Post-production

Video Editing

Video editing services

Our Video Editing services are an easy, fast and straightforward way of transforming your raw video material into a captivating visual story.

 Our typical clients are Video Production companies and advert agencies, who would use us as a post-production subcontractor, but there is no job too small for us - we can prepare you vacation videos taken by your iPhone, we can make memorable video form your event,  birthday or wedding photos and videos; maybe you are an independent filmmaker who needs high-end professional but yet affordable post-production for your next film - SBSCreative is the studio you need.

We will arrange your footage in the best possible way, add music, animations, graphic elements and impressive visual effects, then correct its image and colour grade it, adjust the sound and prepare your video for the world to see it. Whatever you need -a YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook video post or podcast, a TV broadcast quality or Digital Cinema Package for the big screen - we are here to help.

Some examples

Call Of Duty III Black Ops launch event

A Video Production company, for which we're working as a video editing sub-contractor, was hired to produce a video for the COD III video game launch in 2015. They had a lot of raw footage from the day of the event - "good guys", playing the new game in a secluded area, "bad guys",  in fact, zombies (yes, zombies), roaming in the open space, the shop itself preparing for the midnight launch, a large queue outside the shop waiting to receive their pre-ordered copies of the game... It was up to us to stitch this together to show all the fun and the excitement of the event in less than 3 minutes video. 

Thomas Sanderson goes to Hollywood

We were commissioned to prepare an incentive video for Thoms Sanderson trip to Los Angeles, USA. They didn't have any footage at all and, as it had to be an internal video, intended to be viewed by  Thomas Sanderson staff only,  they wanted us to use stock or free to use footage from the web to portray Las Angels and the trip's activities -the visit to the Universal Studios,  Hard Rock Cafe dinner, whаles watching, etc. There were some requirements: the video had to include Oscars awards announcements, a hint that they were to fly to LA by Virgin Atlantic, a photo of the pool in the hotel they were to stay, etc. At the end, it had to be a fun video to get all the staff excited about the upcoming trip.