Sending an Animated Christmas card could be a great way to greet your customers, business partners and clients, followers and friends. Send a link to your Christmas Animation by email, post it on your social media, embed it on your website, or even have it as a footer on your emails around the festive period.

Christmas Pop Ups

Christmas Presents

Christmas StickMan

Christmas Goody

More Christmas animations

These Animated Christmas cards present a great reason to touch base with your business contacts and can be a good reason to inform of a special offer, or even just your opening hours over the Christmas period.

To create similar videos from scratch would cost hundreds of pounds. We will customise the templates above to feature your logo and personal message and will deliver your bespoke Christmas card in 3 days for £65 or less. Check your prices below in the order form.

The benefits:

  • High quality, full HD, customised entertaining and attention-grabbing video – for a low price.
  • Avoid sending expensive and wasteful Christmas cards that will barely be noticed.
  • Write your own greeting to suit your business and the recipients.
  • Delivered in 72 hours.

Customised Christmas Card Video Order Form

Be advised that not every animation can hold long texts.

Here you can upload additional photos/videos. "Christmas tree" card requires 25 additional photo/video files to build the Christmas tree, "Christmas greetings" - up to 17 photo/video files. Photos or videos can also be used with some of the other animations.

Please, let us know if you have any additional requirement. For example specific colour values for your logo, text or some of the animations' elements.

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