Logo Animations

The primary purpose of a logo is to create brand awareness. When you opt for an animated logo, you’re creating a more memorable image in your customer’s mind.
We offer a large variety of logo animations for your company video branding. Here are some examples:

You can use the animated logo at the beginning and/or the end of your videos as well as stand-alone vides that, for example, promote your participation in a certain event. You can share your animated logo online or use it as a branding header for your social networking channels or on your website.

With fully customisable length, aspect ratios and content you can have our animated HD logo for as little as £40

Simply choose from a list above, fill the ordering form and you will have your animated logo deliver by email in 72 hours.

Animated Logo Order Form

Be advised that not every animation can hold long texts.

Here you can upload some additional files, for example, a new background image. Please mention them and their purpose in the "additional notes" field below.

Please, let us know if you have any additional requirement. For example specific colour values for your logo or bacground, text or some of the animations' elements. Let us know of any specifics you may have.

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