What's post-production?

Post-production is part of the process of filmmaking, video production, and photography. Post-production includes all stages of production occurring after shooting or recording individual program segments.[Wikipedia]

No matter if you need a corporate or promotional video, wedding video, YouTube or Facebook video post or podcast, short movie or a full-length documentary or a feature film, it is in the editing room where all of its pieces come together to form a unique story with a strong voice, a story that would engage your audience both intellectually and emotionally. It’s all about understanding the narrative. You need to have a firm grasp of the story you want to tell, and piecing it together in the right way is of paramount importance to the finished product. We don’t just make sure everything’s in the right order though, we’re master storytellers and know how to pace your video so that the viewers are hanging on your every word.

Post-production is an integral part of our video production workflow here at SBSCreative. Starting with putting together the footage the way it tells a story (that's editing), trough green screen keying, rotoscoping and tracking and then adding animated texts, CGI elements and other visual effects (that's VFX post-production),  to making the colours and the overall look of your video amazing (that's colour corrections and colour grading)  we understand how important all the post-production elements are and what huge impact they will have on your final product.

So if you’ve shot a short or full-length film, but don’t know just quite how to pull it all together, or have footage that you want to convert into a promotional, corporate, wedding or a holiday video but have no idea how, or even have a movie that you want to re-edit then worry not. From our post-production services can benefit agencies, filmmakers and vloggers, in fact, everyone who needs their videos put together and edited to the top broadcasting quality. 

Our services

Our Video Editing services are an easy, fast and straightforward way of transforming your raw video material into a captivating visual story...

So, how it works?

No matter if it's your vacation or birthday footage taken by your iPhone, a Corporate video, shot by your Video Production company or agency, or you're an aspired filmmaker looking for post-production for your next short or full-length movie, usually, these are the steps to get your project from start to finish:

1. Contact us

Get the ball rolling by contacting us via our contact form, e-mail or phone. If you in Lancaster area we can even meet face to face and have a chat over a drink or two.

Give us as much detail about your project as possible. Do not forget to mention the rough duration of our raw footage, the services you require, the estimated duration of the final product, etc.

We will contact you ASAP, usually the same or the next business day, with our comment, questions (if we have ones) and a quote.

2. Send your footage

It is time to send us your footage. yuo can do it in many different ways -you can upload your raw video files our secure FTP site or our Dropbox cloud storage.

You could also use WeTransfer or other file sharing service and send us the link to your files. You can mail us the footage on a USB stick or an SD card - we will copy it and we'll return your device the next business day.

 Then we will check the video files for any technical issues, we will review the footage and will let you know if something needs to be clarified.

3. Post-production work

Now we'll do our magic putting all the elements together and creating from your footage a unique story with a strong individual voice (and look).

We will work out all the technical details and whether you want to upload your film to one of the many popular video hosting sites, ready it for broadcast, film screenings, or whatever else you may have in mind, we will make sure that your sound quality is in tune, the compression is on point and any additions such as closed captioning, title sequences or credits are checked through and ready to roll.

4. Drafts and revisions

A link to a timecoded draft version of your video will be sent to you for comments. Your feedback will usually consist of an overall impression of the video along with any detailed notes (if you have ones). The timecode on the video will help you communicate these notes in an efficient and a time-saving way.

For the more complicated projects, there will be several draft versions prepared and sent to you for comments during the post-production but in most of the cases, one commented draft version will be enough for us to produce the final video that will meet your expectations.

5. Final Delivery

When you're happy with the final draft of the video, we will prepare the final video rendered to the highest possible quality - usually Full HD or 4K (it depends on the quality of the raw footage).

It's now the time to pay us for our hard work. We don't need any advance payments - you will only pay for something you like.* Once we receive your payment your final video will be uploaded and we will send you the link to it to enjoy it. Where's the popcorn?

*N.B. For more complicated projects that involve sophisticated CGI post-production, for example, tracking, rotoscoping or adding 3D CGI, some advance payment may be required.

6. Upload to social media (optional)

If this is your wish we could upload your video to most of the social media and video sharing platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo or others.

If you don't have a video channel or social media page set-up we can prepare, brand and even manage one for you. Not having a web page at all? No problems! Visit our web design and hosting services page where you will find detailed information about our web services.

If you need more information or you have a project we could discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us. Click below to fill our contact form, or just send us an email at enquiries@sbscreative.co.uk